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We want to hear from you! Tell us about your experience with hair color reactions, what helps relieve symptoms, and products that work for you. [Please note: No advertising will be accepted on this page without the owner’s approval.]


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    • Hi Laura,
      Naturtint has PPD. I haven’t heard of K pour karite. I’ll see what I can find out for you, but in the meantime you hsould be able to contact the company and ask them for an ingredient list.

  1. I checked on this color, and it is a basic AZO dye, or a direct dye. This means that you apply it directly to your hair, without mixing it with a developer. That does not mean that you are safe. You can still be allergic to an AZO dye, many PPD sufferers are allergic to nitro dyes, and to amines of any kind. Hidden in the ingredients of each one of this brands colors is a number, here is what this number means:
    CI 12251 = BASIC BROWN 17
    Synonyms: BASIC BROWN 17;JAROCOL SIENNA BROWN;Basic brown 17 (C.I. 12251);1-(3-Nitro-4-aminophenylazo)-7-(trimethylaminio)-2-naphthol·chloride;8-[(4-amino-3-nitrophenyl)azo]-7-hydroxy-n,n,n-trimethyl-2-naphthalenaminiu;[8-[(4-amino-3-nitrophenyl)azo]-7-hydroxy-2-naphthyl]trimethylammonium chloride;7-Hydroxy-8-[(3-nitro-4-aminophenyl)azo]-N,N,N-trimethyl-2-naphthalenaminium·chloride;2-Naphthalenaminium, 8-(4-amino-3-nitrophenyl)azo-7-hydroxy-N,N,N-trimethyl-, chloride

    Beware of the simple answer, it can mean a trip to the emergency room!!


  2. I am allergic to hair color and spent more than a decade without the ability to cover my silvering hair. Then tried WELLA KOLESTON and found that I didn’t react to it. I went from being mostly white to brunette and look ten years younger!!
    Always do a allergy test before using a product on your hair.

    • Glad it is working for you. Koleston is listed on the “Myths & Facts” page–is does not have PPD, but it has TDS, which most of us are also allergic to. A small percentage (like you) can use it, but many develop allergy to TDS after a while as well. So, please be careful.

  3. Thank you for putting together this site. I am a brunette who colors my hair every three weeks. I have been having the itchy burning scalp for about a year now and it lasts 3-4 days after coloring my hair. I am seriously getting depressed! I really didn’t want to have to go all white at 40! A lady I work with had the same thing as me and she ended up going in to anaphylactic shock! I decided it was time to do a little research and figure out what is going on and what my alternatives might be.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Rachel,
      From what I have read about Davine’s Finest Pigments, it appears to be free of PPD and related chemicals. I know they also have a line of products that have TDS, so be sure to read the ingredients. I have contacted the company for more information and will update when I get it.

      Regardless of the ingredients, always patch test first!

      • Update: I received the following response from Davine’s:
        Only Finest Pigments, our direct colour line, Alchemic, our temporary colour line, and L’art decolor, our bleaching and toning system, are PPD free (and phenylendiamine in general free).
        So it sounds like a potential alternative, but patch test first!

  4. I have an order in for Finest Pigments to patch test. I could not find on the site where to contact them directly? My concern is whether they may include Azo’s in this formulation.
    I did find out from a colorist that Finest pigments can be used alone, or in shampoo. They can also be added to regular hair dye or 10 volume developer.

  5. Jeanne,
    I got a reply from the chemist, Laura. She’s going to look into whether any Azo’s exist and if it can be mixed with 10 volume peroxide for longer lasting results. I have a feeling Finest Pigments has Azo’s 🙁
    So far, here is what she did say:

    I will provide the info you need tomorrow, because I need to check the iNCI list..I cannot remember all of them by heart.

    For sure I can guarantee Finest Pigments is PPD and TDS free.
    Finest Pigments is formulated from 95 to 98% natural derived ingredients, and the remaining 5%-2% is:
    -solubilizing agents (ingredients that allow the colour to be uniform in the gel…colour more intense, like red, for example, need a higher concentration of solubilizing agents).

  6. Finest Pigments contain Monoazo dyes. Some people with PPD allergies can also be allergic to these dyes, (like myself) Jeanne, I have the complete ingredient list now and can email it to you if you like.

  7. Aubrey Organics do a hair colour called Colour Me Natural and claim it is chemical free. Would like to know if you know anything about it. It doesn’t mention Henna but I did read on a review that it is a Henna and I don’t want to use Henna. Comments would be appreciated.
    Many thanks, Mo.

    • Hi Mo,

      It does have ingredients similar to henna, such as indigo. It looks like it has a lot of botanicals (plant substances) but appears to free of chemicals. There are a lot of reviews for it on Amazon and other sites. If you do a search you should find a lot of info. I personally have not tried this one. Good luck and if you try it, please let us know the results. Thanks.

  8. I discovered that I am allergic to PPD. I’ve been told that using bleach for hair is ok, is that true? I asked my hairdresser, he said he don’t have any products without the PPD. he said he can do a foil with bleach and then he will need to use a toner. He have MATRIX COLOR which is ammonia free. he did a test patch on my arm it was good. I am terrified to die my hair but I need to do it. last time the swelling on my face and my eyes was horrible. I am thinking of doing bleach with a toner using a foil. Will that help? I need to know from people who did highlight with bleach and using foil if they still had reaction. Please let me know

    • You cannot use toner if you have a PPD allergy. You will have a reaction, and it sounds like your reactions are very serious. They will get worse each time. Foils are risky as well. Ask your stylist about off-the-scalp bleach without a toner.

  9. Do you know of a hair dye I can buy online that is PPD/PTD/AZO free? I suspect I have a chemical allergy and my appt. to the allergist isn’t until April/2014. I had severe itching of the scalp after the last two home dye jobs (3 months of intense itching) and subsequently had a low light with a foam cap to keep the chemical away from the scalp at a salon. I had no itching afterwards but during the application my scalp burned from the fumes/product approximately 10 minutes. I would like to try a semi or wash out in the next month or so to get me over the hump until my appt. that I can order myself online knowing it is free of chemicals. Please help with any advice.

    • Hi Rosemary,

      You can try CoSaMo — it has received some good reviews. It is temporary and will wash out in 6-8 shampoos. If you are looking for red or brunette, henna and indigo may work for you as well.Good luck and let us know how you like it.

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