Myths & Facts

MYTH: Products advertised as PPD-free, ammonia-free, natural or organic are safe for people with PPD allergies.

FACT: Many products that make these claims still contain dangerous chemicals. Some manufacturers have replaced PPD with TDS, which can be equally bad. Natural and organic products may contain herbs and other natural ingredients–and PPD. Ammonia is completely unrelated to this allergy. 

Here’s a partial list of products that look “safe” yet contain PPD or a PPD-related chemical.

  • Chi Ionic
  • Colure
  • Herbatint Permanent
  • Naturtint Permanent
  • Organics Color Systems
  • Schwatrzkopf Essenity
  • Topchic
  • Wella Koleston

MYTH: It’s normal to have some itching and irritation with hair dye.

FACT: Hair dye should NOT itch or irritate your skin. If it does, you are reacting to something in it.


MYTH: Adding an artificial sweetener to the dye prevents the irritation or allergic reaction.  

FACT: Artificial sweeteners may help relieve irritation caused by ammonia, but they will NOT protect against PPD allergies. Not even a little.


MYTH: Taking an antihistamine or Benadryl before coloring hair will prevent a reaction.

FACT: If you are allergic to PPD, drugs may help relieve the symptoms at first, but the allergy will continue to get worse every time you use hair dye. Eventually (and sooner rather than later), these products will be useless and you will likely have a very severe reaction.