So you’re allergic to hair dye….

Welcome to the club. There are thousands of us — all over the world — who have discovered we are allergic to hair color. For most of us, the culprit is the chemical paraphenylenediamine (PPD) or one of its evil relatives.

If you’re here, you’ve probably had a reaction after coloring your hair. It may have been your first time using color or your fiftieth. PPD reaction can occur at any time, even if you’ve been coloring your hair for years with no problems. And, once you react to it, every subsequent use will cause a worse reaction. So please, don’t even think about using a hair color product that contains PPD or a related chemical again — ever. Women have died from this chemical, and if you are allergic, you are risking your life—literally—every time you use it.

Whether you are trying to learn more about PPD allergy, wondering how to get tested, trying to find relief from your symptoms or looking for a safe alternative, this site is designed to provide information that may help you.

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